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Torque sensor manufacturers talk about the working principle

source:  Release date: 2018-10-14
Torque sensor manufacturers talk about the working principle of torque sensor

1) Phase difference torque sensor. The phase difference torque sensor installs two sets of identical sets of gears at both ends of the elastic shaft, and installs a proximity sensor on each side of the gear. When the gear rotates, the two sets of proximity sensors can measure two sets of pulse waves and measure the torque. Two sets of pulse wave phase differences are calculated. This type of sensor is bulky, difficult to install and maintain, and is subject to high temperature effects. The measurement of low speed results is not very accurate.

2) Slip ring torque sensor. The slip ring torque sensor uses a carbon brush to transmit signals. As we all know, the carbon brush transmits signals very fast. Many working torques are also based on the slip ring torque sensor. However, the carbon brush has a limited service life and will wear out for a long time. And can not run at high speed, the maximum speed can not exceed 4000 rpm.

3) The resistor should be a chip torque sensor. The resistance strain gauge torque sensor is a special torsion strain gauge attached to the measured elastic shaft to form a strain bridge, which supplies power to the strain bridge and can measure the magnitude of the torque. The resistance strain gauge has a simple structure, small size, small quality, and use. Convenient, stable and reliable performance, high resolution, high sensitivity, large measuring range and low price, but can not be used in environments with high temperature. Based on the advantages of resistance strain gauges, the torque sensor has high measurement accuracy and stable performance. . The non-contact torque sensor adds two sets of rotary transformers based on the strain torque sensor to realize the non-contact transmission of energy and signals. It is not affected by the speed of rotation and the direction of rotation, and overcomes the friction of the slip ring of the slip ring torque sensor. The loss and low speed limit overcome the shortcomings of the traditional torque sensor measurement method and inherit the advantages. It makes the measurement of torque more precise and less and less affected by the environment, which is the common practice of measuring torque now.